Psychotherapist and coach specialized in mental health and resilience in esport.

Henrik Kamstrup-Nielsen

My name is Henrik Kamstrup-Nielsen. I’m a Psychotherapist and Master Coach, specialized in helping esport athletes, teams and schools achieving their best professionally, while still maintaining a well balanced personal and emotional life. I am 39 years old and live north of Copenhagen, Denmark, running my own Psychotherapeutic practice. I live wih my wife and two kids, both of whom are passionate gamers. I, myself, have been a passionate gamer since the age of 5.
I am a certified Psychotherapist specialized in Psychobiology, building a bridge between our human biology and social inheritance. Further more I am a Stress Coach, Master Coach, lecturer, teacher, writer, CISM-Peer and Air Traffic Controller through almost 15 years, giving me an even greater understanding of stressful working environments. Between the age of 11 and 18 I played soccer on the highest competitive level. My sparetime is used on my family, friends, gaming, running, strength training and reading.