My name is Henrik Kamstrup-Nielsen. I’m a Psychotherapist and Master Coach, specialized in helping esport athletes, teams and schools achieving their best professionally, while still maintaining a well balanced personal and emotional life.


Tailored lectures for your team’s needs. Subjects related to our psyche and professional performance.

Individual Sessions

One-on-one sessions focused on personal growth, psychological maturity and personal leadership.

Team Packages

Tailored for the team’s needs. Contains lectures, group sessions and individual sessions. For strengthening of the team and the individual athlete.


I have partnered up with to bring the spotlight towards mental health in esports. Clicking the link below will bring you to the first article of the campaign. More to come


I am 39 years old and live north of Copenhagen, running my own Psychotherapeutic practice. I live wih my wife and two kids, both of whom are passionate gamers. I, myself, have been a passionate gamer since the age of 5.

I am a certified Psychotherapist specialized in Psychobiology, building a bridge between our human biology and social inheritance. Further more I am a Stress Coach, Master Coach, lecturer, teacher, CISM-Peer and Air Traffic Controller through almost 15 years, giving me an even greater understanding of stressful working environments.

The world of esports is a fast moving and very stressful working environment for the athletes. A world full of great opportunities where you can go from a totally unknown player one day to a full time pro the next.

But most athletes turn pro at a relatively young age where most are still quite immature both emotionally and behaviorally. It is a vulnurable time to be cast into the shark infested waters of the pro esport athletes, with high peer pressure, grueling schedules and being subject to fan opionions all the time.

Most teams have sports psychologists and mental coaches – but they are mostly for the good of the team, not the athletetes. It is purely performance based. This is a quite risky practice, with maybe short term benifits but with potentially great and dire consequences for the individual athlete in the long run.

A balanced athlete is one that is emotionally mature and is able to take personal leadership. To do that you have to know where your emotions come from and how to act accordingly. The knowledge of where your emotions stem from will give you influence over your life, giving you choices, making you a better athlete, a better and more stable team player and performer as well as a well rounded a balanced human being.

I can help team and athletes with:

  • Emotional balance
  • Work / life balance
  • Stress resilence
  • Better restitution
  • Better performance
  • Longer lasting athletes
  • A balanced human and athlete

Through a combination of psychotherapy and coaching with the basis in Psychobiology, I am able to help the esport athlete and the teams with great and long lasting results.

Through discovery of your emotional past and through the release of accumulated emotions, you will be able to form the life, you want to live. This happens through a wide variety of techniques, ranging from different types of dialogue, psycho dynamic and body dynamic work. All with the basis in Psychobiolgy. You will get awareness of your emotions, thoughts and actions and how they affect your life. And you will get a wide variety of tools to handle your daily career and life challenges.

Working with yourself is hard work, but the more effort you put into it, the quicker and the better the result will be.


I stream once a week from the middle of April. I use the games to talk about how the human psyche works. Drop by and have a chat. You might learn something about yourself and your fellow humans.

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